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TI Releases E-Book Guide to the IIoT

Posted by External 6 hours ago General — Before the Internet, getting up to snuff on a particular element of electronic design required obtaining and reading "the" book on the subject. Theory, as well as working designs, could be found in the pages of books like Don Lancaster's "TTL Cookbook," Intel's "8-Bit Embedded Controller Handbook," and the "GE Transistor Manual." Read More
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Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset

Posted by External 1 day 6 hours ago General — For all you bass heads out there, Amazon has cut a cool $50 off this Sony Bluetooth Headset. These over-the-ear headphones feature a convenient Bass Boost button to easily adjust bass levels. Read More
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ANT+ compatibility for Look Keo Power in 2016

Posted by External 1 day 6 hours ago General — Keo Power is available in double-sided and single-sided units. Current non-ANT+ compatible systems will be upgraded for free by Look Long before Garmin Vector and PowerTap P1, Look had a pedal-based power meter called the Look Ko Power. Read More
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Hipster Rotary Dial Adds Bluetooth 4.0

Posted by External 2 days ago General — We have seen a few projects that convert a rotary dial for use with modern technology, but this one adds a new twist to the mix: it uses Bluetooth 4.0 . [Silent] used a Nordic Semiconductor NRF51 DK development board for the project, which was built from the Nordic SDK source code for creating an HID . Read More
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Here's why Intel can't stop investing in drone companies

Posted by External 2 days ago General — The world's largest chipmaker announced this week that it invested $60 million in a Chinese drone-maker, marking its third drone investment to date. The flying machines are packed with the kinds of sophisticated chips that Intel sells and the popularity of drones makes them an attractive new market for Intel to get a foothold in as its traditional PC business continues to decline . Read More
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LG's Rolly Wireless Keyboard Rolls Up Into a Pocketable Stick

Posted by External 2 days ago General — If you find yourself having to type out long messages on your phone regularly, you might want to pick up a portable Bluetooth keyboard - and LG's Rolly might be one of the most portable yet. The key rows fold up around a squarish center, making for a sort of stick or baton when you want to put it away. Read More
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The microbot designed to push all your buttons

Posted by External 2 days ago General — The mechanical button or switch is that most simple of user interfaces. So simple that just about every electrical device in the home, from lights to coffee machines, will have one. Read More
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LG Rolly is a plastic Bluetooth keyboard you can actually roll up

Posted by External 2 days ago General — Have you ever wanted a Bluetooth keyboard you could roll up and stuff in your pocket? Well, LG has you covered. It has announced a wireless keyboard product, called Rolly, which does exactly that. Read More
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