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FIDO two-factor authentication goes wireless

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — Expect vendors soon to introduce devices with three forms of wireless support to Fast Identity Online two-factor authentication. The FIDO Alliance today is issuing a new specification for FIDO to support Bluetooth, low-energy Bluetooth and near field communications wireless technologies in two-factor authentication tokens, according to FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell. Read More
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Nordic integrates Bluetooth Smart and NFC Touch-to-Pair

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — Nordic Semiconductor has put Bluetooth Smart and NFC for Touch-to-Pair on its nRF52832 SoC which has a 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4F processor, a 2.4GHz multi-protocol radio, and automatic power optimization. Achieving a 215 CoreMark the nRF52832 delivers up to 60% more generic processing power than competing solutions and thanks to its ARM Cortex-M4F up to an additional 10X the Floating Point and 2X the Read More
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Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Headphones Review

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — The Soho Wireless Headphones by Harman Kardon is a nice piece of audio gear that comes with a classy design and capable of producing good sound quality. And like its name suggests, it's wireless and powered by Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about wires. Read More
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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless headphones preview: Bluetooth without compromise

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — Bowers & Wilkins was one of the last audio firms to adopt Bluetooth for its portable speakers, preferring technologies like AirPlay for stability and quality of wireless transmission. But that was before Bluetooth aptX came along and the company released the excellent T7 speaker, which retained its trademark audiophile quality approach to sound while remaining portable and, most importantly, Read More
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Hands-on with Parrot's new MiniDrones: Ready for land, air and sea

Posted by External 7 hours ago General — Look up! A new generation of drones is hitting the market. Parrot's MiniDrones are more like toys than enthusiast-caliber flying machines, but they're small enough to hold with one hand, and more affordable than heftier drone models. Read More
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Bluetooth Messaging Apps

Posted by External 1 day 7 hours ago General — Jott is one of the hottest and most popular Bluetooth-based messaging apps, especially with students because of its feature that allows users to find other Jott users in school networks. It has the ability to automatically delete messages after a set time and to be alerted if someone has taken a screenshot of a message you sent. Read More
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Stream audio with IOGEAR's TuneTap Wireless Audio Receiver

Posted by External 1 day 7 hours ago General — We've all grown used to have music on our phones, but playing it at home, be it the living room or backyard takes a bit more effort than plugging in a pair of earbuds does. That's why A/V receivers and portable speakers all now have Bluetooth integrated in their systems -- so that music can bridge the distance wirelessly and with barely any effort. Read More
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Huawei unveils Honor 7 smartphone, expects to double sales in 2015

Posted by External 1 day 7 hours ago General — Huawei, the world's fourth-largest smartphone vendor, on Tuesday unveiled the Honor 7, its latest flagship smartphone, at an event in Beijing. The company also unveiled two accessories: a smart wearable device called the Honor Band Zero and a Bluetooth headset called the Honor Whistle. Read More
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