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Five things you should know about unlicensed LTE

Posted by External 23 days ago General — Mingxi Fan, vice president of engineering at Qualcomm, remotely demonstrates LTE-U at a briefing in Verizon's Innovation Center in San Francisco on Sept. 24, 2015. Read More
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Nixeus ARC 4.0 Bluetooth speaker mini-review

Posted by External 23 days ago General — Music, as with most gadgets and entertainment in one's life, has become portable, with powerful speakers about the size of soda cans filling the market. They pack a battery, allowing them to run for hours without a wired tether; they connect to your phone or tablet over Bluetooth, eliminating the other wired tether. Read More
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Crave giveaway: Blast Motion Easton Power Sensor for improving your baseball swing

Posted by External 23 days ago General — The Easton Power Sensor attaches to the knob of your bat and collects data you can use to improve your performance. Congratulations to Jason Y. of Raleigh, North Carolina, for winning a Linksys Wi-Fi router in last week's giveaway and to Sagar C. of San Jose, California, for winning a Fluance Fi50 Bluetooth speaker the week before that. Read More
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Cambridge Audio G5 review: Sleek and smart Bluetooth speaker

Posted by External 24 days ago General — The Cambridge Audio G5 is a mid-size wireless speaker. It'll fit in a rucksack but certainly not a coat pocket, and the A 229 price sits in the same middle ground. Read More
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AuraVisor Promises Wireless VR Headset, Kickstarter Successfully Funded With Three Weeks To Spare

Posted by External 24 days ago General — The AuraVisor is a new VR HMD that promises a fully untethered experience without relying on the use of your smartphone. The company said the AuraVisor features a fully integrated Android computer that is focused on graphics processing rather than being required to share resources with other functions like a smartphone does. Read More
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Action Cameras

Posted by External 24 days ago General — Action cameras are everywhere-on surfboards, skateboards, bicycle handlebars and even on helmets for first-person, point-of-view video. In some ways, the mounts available for these small devices are almost as important as camera specifications. Read More
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This wireless Bluetooth headset is a great workout companion and it's 75% off on Amazon

Posted by External 24 days ago General — When you're out jogging, biking or gardening you still want to have conversations without having to hold your phone or deal with pesky wires. The Wireless Bluetooth Headset by Maze Exclusive is for sale on Amazon for $24.99 with free shipping for orders more than $35. Read More
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Lenovo K80M (P90) - Got just over A 100 available?

Posted by External 24 days ago General — I know Christmas is around the corner, but do you have A 111.52 kicking around? Fancy yourself a Lenovo K80M? It looks like this and packs a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU with 32GB of storage, 2GB RAM and a microSD card slot.. The screen is a 5.5" 1280 1920 pixel unit at 441PPI. Read More
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